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Does your life feel “right” to you?

Are you choosing between
how you would like to live and
what you have to do to live?

Some people spend their whole lives searching for the thing that makes their heart sing.

Some never find it.
And some do.

So Can You

Your music is the dynamic expression of what’s inside of you.

You’ll find your music at that distinctive spot where your talents, your passions and your uniqueness intersect.

  1. Julie

    Julie’s Music

    The Results

    Julie works as Senior Vice President People and Culture, of the Massy Group. She discovered that her real music lay in nurturing others as they become their best selves. She was able to convince her employer to commit US $1 million to fund a project uplifting and nurturing entrepreneurs in the region. She works just as hard – at what she wants.

  2. Yussuff

    Yussuff’s Music

    The Results

    Yussuff realised that his true music was in helping people overcome their limiting beliefs. He took a leap. He quit the daily shuffle for a career change, founding NAKED; a successful lifestyle development practice that helps people overcome limiting fears that stop them from living the lives they desire. Now his daily shuffle is made up of his self-choreographed moves.

  3. Levi

    Levi’s Music

    The Results

    None of Levi’s options felt like they fit.
    He uncovered that his music is lifestyle branding and curation.
    He gained the confidence to start a Caribbean lifestyle brand whilst still at university. Now his living and his work are both Levi originals.

  4. Josée

    Josée’s Music

    The Results

    Josée felt pulled in different directions. She felt she couldn’t choose. Her music combines her passion for kids, her talent for fashion design, and her interest in education and anthropology. She founded her own kids-wear brand combining art with education and is working towards even bigger dreams, knowing now that they really are possible. She never had to choose, after all.


Is your music trapped within you?

Do you want to set it free?

Find your music and live it fully in five practical steps.

  1. Uncover

    the gifts that are already inside of you. Take a fresh look at your unique traits and talents with the help of the people you trust the most. Compare their insights with your own ideas to hone in on your music.

  2. Recover

    your sense of confidence and fulfilment. Travel back in time to visit your greatest accomplishments and moments of pure joy. Reflect on your innate talents and the passions that led you there.

  3. Discover

    the opportunities that exist for you to bring together these elements, these notes, to create your one-of-a kind composition.

  4. Play!

    Explore the ways you can bring these notes, this expression of your fullest self, to your work, home and community.

  5. Join
    The Band

    You won’t have to do it alone.
    The support of the M-Path community is here so you can continue to
    Get Real,
    Get Inspired
    and Get Going.

Find Your Passion

The M-Path program is flexible and designed to suit you.

$249 USD

Find Your Music

90-minute virtual group session.
An interactive 90-minute virtual course designed to spark your self discovery.

  1. Treat Yourself

    Get Started
  2. Inspire Someone


Scott makes you feel excited about the future and clear-headed enough to grasp it.

“He listened intently to me and to those who know me well and then synthesized all this into a very valuable resource that I keep coming back to for guidance. Perhaps Scott’s greatest talent though, is his ability to make you feel excited about the future but also clear-headed enough to grasp it.”

Luke Varley
Deputy General Counsel, Park Square Capital LLP

All you need to bring is

  1. Openness

    to examine and dismantle your patterns and beliefs

  2. Commitment

    to growth and change

By the end you will have gained

  1. Confidence

    and feel inspired to pursue your dreams

  2. Alignment

    and set on track to living a life you love

  3. Fulfilment

    moving in the state of flow that comes with living a life of purpose

  4. Authenticity

    living in full self-acceptance, free from the weight of expectation or tradition

What Makes M-Path Unique

  1. Easy

    Fit the course in around your existing commitments

  2. Fun

    Test ideas and dream big in a safe, supportive environment

  3. Revealing

    Shine a light on new sides of yourself and your abilities

  4. Interactive

    Apply your learning to your life’s circumstances

  5. Practical

    Change your trajectory step by step

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